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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Products

At Rajayogi we are putting our best efforts to give you best quality Ayurvedic products. We are in a regular process to improve our products.

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We at Rajayogi are a part of Himalaya Natural and we are based in the foothills of great Himalayas. 

Ayurveda is the wisdom of life and healthy living. Established over 5000 years ago by the great sages of India, AYURVEDA is the oldest and most organized system of herbal healing in the world. Ayurveda is not only a healing system as commonly stereotyped, it’s a way of live healthy since time inmemorial. In Ayurveda, elimination of toxins and other wastes is a significant part of treatment. Ayurvedic products from Himalaya Natural are rated high because of the local availability of natural Ingredients, as well as the Traditional Practice which have been handed down and practiced since ages. It has reached a stage where Ayurveda has become globally renowned and the demand for quality products and services is on the rise. Himalaya Natural have in house modern Ayurvedic Pharmacy where result oriented formulations are made according to the traditional Ayurvedic methods. A Great part of the success of Himalaya Natural can be attributed to these authentic high quality products, which includes medicines, cosmetics, herbal products and tonics. These products are made following strict manufacturing and quality control guidelines.

Our Team

Meet our founder

Fakira Ji


Fakira is a Master, Ayurvedic Guru, spiritual guide, motivator, poet & life coach living in Himalayas, India. He is inspiring lots of people in their practical life through his meditation techniques, mastery, life coaching & spiritual guidance. Thousands of people are getting a lot from his online & offline guidance & satsangs.

Fakira was born in a small village in foothills of Himalaya. He was very intelligent and intellect  since his childhood. He had many questions with him and he could visualise many things from past lives. He wanted to know about these visualisation and was always asking to his elders and teachers but no one could answer his queries. 

His real journey started when he lost his mother and all of these visualisation become more and more stronger. He quit his corporate job and started searching his questions. He travelled hundreds of ashrams and masters across India for his thirst. In 2017 that big explosion happened

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